Excalibur Vision
Join the highest quality
bring the high end security
access control | cctv |  technical alarm | intrusion alarm  |  supervision
we think than a global security system
must be
highly reliable
must be
10 years waranty
on controlers
suitable with all major credentials and readers manufacturers
Excalibur Vision bring the high end security worlwide
in a lot of sensitive installations
COFADIS   465 Rue Claude Nicolas Ledoux   Eiffel Park batD   13854 AIX EN Provence cedex3   FRANCE          Copyright 2014
Excalibur Vision need
licence only on servers
Excalibur Vision licences
are limitless
Excalibur Vision is uncompromising
on the
hardware quality
the controlers are designed for
harsh environments
huge immunity  to electric shocks
protected Ip port
protected serial port
3 A +15 A embedded power supply
10 years waranty*
Excalibur Vision is uncompromising
on the
hardware capacity
by DSX controler :
volatil or not volatil memory
80 000 codes/card
30 000 events
up to  10 wiegand/dataclock  ports
up to160 inputs
up to 80 outputss
8 power outputs
IP, Rs 232, Rs 485 comm ports
relaod Rs 485 local
up to  24 Ah battery embedded

Excalibur Vision
is watching
Excalibur Vision takes care personally
It takes its
it don't just forwards information from or to other suppliers...
Excalibur Vision
watch the video
It takes care about all informations from the CCTV
Excalibur Vision
Excalibur Vision
Excalibur Vision
Licences plates
motion sensor
analytics events
health report about video servers
health report about hard drives
It manages the CCTV
Preset the cameras
displays the cameras groups
manages the
lights and illuminators
the Excalibur Vision video servers are Window-based
they records up to 
5760 ips

Excalibur Vision is uncompromising
the video servers quality
suitable with all major
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