The modern and professional alarm system
avec ou sans fil | interface IP  |  GSM sur bus  |  interface KNX
so much innovative
SmartLiving is smart
for the user
10 ans de garantie
sur les UTL
the SmartLiving systems bring peace of mind in companies and homes
but Smartliving bring also powerfull
home automation features
All of that at a professional
quality level
SmartLiving is smart
for the installer
such features like

programmable terminals
inputs or like outputs

on bus
GSM dialer
web server embedded lan connectivity

allow a fluent and easy installation work
a complete system
So  much suitable to the market, because of
an European philsophy

completed by a powerfull setup software
IP connectivity plus a lot of
programming possibilities
allow to 
design to nice security and
home automation concepts
SmartLiving is
internet ready
SmartLiving is
mobile ready
SmartLiving is
wired or wireless
What is the use of a security system if it don't report to you ?

What is the use of a security system if can't
command it ?
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