hybrid video management
Video management | plate recognition  |  smart phone ready | video analytics
integrated with
powerfull, simple and so reliable
LUXRIOT  softwares answer to all the
modern video requirements
10 ans de garantie
sur les UTL
Luxriot is worlwide active
Luxriot require
licence on server only
no licence for workstations or clients
Luxriot is an open video CMS, it supports H264, Mpeg4, Mpeg2 and Mjpeg streams.

Luxriot support more than 2400 models of IP cameras from
most of the manufacturers.
Axis, Arecont Vision, ACTi, Basler, SONY, IQinVision, UDP, Dynsa and Vivotek formats are of course supported

Luxriot support the Onvif 2.4.2 streams and the S profile. In the same way Rtsp and Psia are also managed. Watermarking and PTZ features (on screen or with physical keyboard) are included

DATA MINING with smart search filters for all Analytics are greats features also
the plates recognition is multi-countries
it may be use for
urban data mining or for access control.
in advanced use, it may be linked to ExcaliburVision
a plate = an access card

>  3D motion sensor
>  line cut
>  un-focus and blinding
>  shaking
>  counting
>  stop and go
>  objects classification
>  auto-tracking

Luxriot support VCA cameras and manage and records the analytics events

the ExcaliburVision integration allow the management of analytic events like alarm events in the global supervision
LUXRIOT  is open
Broadcast Server is an integral part of Luxriot VMS suite. Its sole purpose is to deliver live and/or recorded video streams in a platform independent format without exposing VMS server(s) and camera(s) to the desktop and mobile devices including IE, Chrome, FireFox, Safari, iOS, Android, etc.
Luxriot Broadcast
resamples and recompreses original video streams for the best performance, quality and bandwidth utilization.
LUXRIOT  recognizes
LUXRIOT  analyzes
LUXRIOT  broadcast
LUXRIOT  like your phone
LUXRIOT  like access control
Luxriot like to share its information with Excalibur
Excalibur like to keep Luxriot updated by alerts
Lux 4 Lux 9 Lux 16 Lux Enterprise
recorded streams
4 9 16 limitless
the only limit
will be the server
lients numbers 1 3 5 limitless
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